Statement of Intent.

I am going to finalise the designs I have already begun to plan during the Christmas break so that when I return in January I will be able to begin making as soon as possible.

I plan to focus on my two laser cut kits for the first couple of weeks, as I will have just had an operation and be unable to stand for long periods of time. This will allow me to get Kit 1 to fit together more accurately and to develop a way for the light to stand, it will also mean getting a head start on Kit 2. Any time I have that isn’t dedicated to laser cutting will be spent constructing push moulds for the plans I have for Spin (which also employs the use of laser cutting) and beginning to figure out the mechanisms in three dimensions.


I am hoping I will have already sourced most of the materials I will need for the term also, so will mean I can speed up production times as I will not be waiting for too many things to arrive.


Once I have spent a couple of weeks focusing on laser cutting I will then begin to work on the plans created for Up Down as this design is more simple (at the moment) than the others.


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