Getting impatient.

25561028-054233 pm.jpg

25561028-054253 pm.jpg

25561028-054306 pm.jpg

25561028-054340 pm.jpg

Still bronze casting.

25561025-015518 pm.jpg

25561025-015539 pm.jpg

25561025-015546 pm.jpg

Bronze casting workshop. Yesterday we burnt out the wax in the shell casts. It’s quite a simple process when you get your head around it, just takes some patience too. Soon to be casting in these.

Let’s shed some light.

25561024-080746 pm.jpg

Finally have found some direction with my ready made light. I want to use usually domestic materials such as stripped back light shades to create a more industrial styled artifact. I am hoping to make this light versatile, I want it to be able to be used almost anywhere. So, I want it to be: a table light, a hanging light, a floor light and even be able to be dropped and rolled around. To do this I need to source some good springs to take the shocks and also some light bulbs that don’t get crazy hot. The form of the light will probably now take into consideration the function I want it to perform. Quite excited to source these components.

Remaking a lampshade.

25561022-112443 pm.jpg

25561022-112459 pm.jpg

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my ready made artifact. I have chosen to look at light as an object again. As my raw material seems to be about inversion I want to experiment with doing something of a similar nature, possibly along the theme of revealing what is usually hidden. The lampshades I have stripped almost look like corsetry and I want to use this idea to explore the creation if a figurative design piece.

Venice Biennale Highlights 2013.







A selection of my personal highlights from the 55th Venice Bienniale 2013.

Bill Culbert New Zealand Pavillion


Swedish Pavillion

A Wei Wei French Pavillion

Shary Boyle Canadian Pavillion

Shary Boyle, Canadian Pavillion

Jessica Jackson Hutchins, USA - Arsenale

Danh Vo, Vietnam - Arsenale

Arthur Bispo do Rosario, Brazil - Arsenale

Sonia Falcone Latino Americano Pavillion



When in Rome.

SAM_5282 SAM_5291SAM_5319

Trip to Maker Faire Rome, 3rd and 4th of October 2013. This was a really valuable and interesting experience as we got to meet makers that are self taught and enthusiastic. One of the greatest things is that everything they do is open source, so, completely accessible – all you need is a basic knowledge of Arduino, 3D printing and the many other technologies and some of the possibilities.


WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) are an Italian based initiative that uses innovative technology with the hope of “saving the world.” Their ideas include 3D printing housing for those in third world countries as well as the idea of making shoes available for everyone.

Other makers of interest displaying works include London based Bare Conductive The conductive ink they produce has endless possibilities.

Ateliers Recyclab is another initiative that reinvent old and damaged furniture in a sort of upcylcing way. http://www.

Make Tank were also there. They are an organisation type thing that is there to assist makers realise their projects and allow them to become products.

Almost every maker we spoke to was planning to use Kickstarter to fund their projects and ideas. It has almost become a platform for new technologies to gain world wide recognition.

The faire was interesting,  although I am not totally teched up in my own work, I did appreciate seeing the endless possibilities that can bring my projects to life.

Raw light box.

25561022-103833 am.jpg

25561022-103900 am.jpg

The raw. Some development of my initial idea. I have been experimenting with materials for the outside of the light box, I am planning to use wood veneer. It has a good translucency when light is put behind it.

The bronze bulb I am putting on top of box is on it’s way! I’m still going through the process of creating the shell using wax bulbs on a kind of tree contraption that is dipped in liquid and has a grainy almost dust poured over.

More finished pictures will be arriving soon.

Made in Roath.

25561022-113729 pm.jpg

Here we are, early last Saturday ready to be volunteers. A few friends and I helped out with the ‘Closed Road’ event that took place just of Albanny Road.

Glass workshop.



Glass workshop. A quick peek at what I have been spending my Mondays doing. I will be casting glass in this plaster piece I have made that reflects my interest and investigation into light as an object. Soon, the glass in the cup will be heated and will melt to fill the mould I have made. I have chosen to use amber colored glass as this will give a glow to the finished piece. In other workshops I am looking at the use of light as a medium and artifacts that glow or reflect light are becoming realised.

Light box experiments.



Working on my ‘raw’ artifact this week. Here’s some laser cut cardboard maquettes that illustrate the light box it am hoping to create. I’m still working on the bronze bulb that will sit on top of this piece.