Evaluative Statement.

After a slow start to the year I feel that I have turned things around due to time pressures and the need to make something, rather than wanting to impress myself. I have focused more in these two terms to ensure I would have work ready for the show. I chose to focus on laser cutting my work because I find that I have more skills with this process in terms of creating three-dimensional objects than creating objects by hand.


I feel that the choice to work in Valchromat and to outsource laser cutting has really improved the quality and finish of my work as I have a more professional product. This has also meant my work has become more commercialised and I have been able to give a name to my style of working – bespoke precision. I feel that this really defines what I am making and the style in which I make it, I am using software and equipment that ensures the preciseness of my work but also incorporating hand finishing elements.


I feel I have learnt a lot about time management this year, more in terms of the time spent making objects than getting work completed on time, as I already was able to do this. I have also learnt to take a more professional approach to my work through purchasing materials and getting my work laser cut.


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