Artist Statement – Contort.




Definition: To twist or bend out of the normal shape.


The properties of wood and Valchromat have been modified to create a flexible material through the empirical experimentation of the laser cutting process. These light boxes utilise the idea of concealment and exposure through the exploration of illuminated adjustable forms. Metal leaf adds desirability to the objects and creates a traditional contrast to the newer technologies and materials used.  The traditional and contemporary have been juxtaposed to achieve bespoke precision.


Wood has a memory and so ‘knows’ its previous history. By turning the boxes I go against this memory and the different ways of hanging create alternative bends and bows. This enables the many possibilities of hanging these objects.


The influence of shadow and light within these objects began during a study trip to Marrakech where the patternation of traditional decorative lights allow a small object to create a pattern of shadows that are able to fill a room. The chosen colours reflect the different luminosity light brings on dull and sunny days in comparison to the brightness of natural light found in Marrakech.


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