Putting up the show.




Hanging the light boxes was quite a simple process, but took a lot of time as I had to measure the distance from the top and sides of the boxes to hang them in line with one another. It took about three hours in total to get everything in its final position as I had to move a couple of the boxes as there were some spaces that were crowded and others that were a bit too empty.

I managed to get each of the cables to reach the extension leads that were put on the floor except for the cabling for the large green box. This is because the cables were cut slightly shorter than I had asked the electrician to cut them to, I managed to solve this problem by feeding the cables above the board and using wire tacks to keep them in place.

I like the layout of the boxes as they do not follow a pattern, and are still placed evenly across the boards. The cabling is more crowded on the right hand side, which is unfortunate but was unavoidable without re assessing the placement of the boxes.


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