Still bronze casting.

25561025-015518 pm.jpg

25561025-015539 pm.jpg

25561025-015546 pm.jpg

Bronze casting workshop. Yesterday we burnt out the wax in the shell casts. It’s quite a simple process when you get your head around it, just takes some patience too. Soon to be casting in these.





Wax fork manipulation, here are some initial wax casts created last week in the wax session. I like the rough quality to the pieces, they look nieve and child like in their making. I want to build form using the fork shape to create something abstract. This could be cast in bronze or scanned in 3D to create a new dimension to the work.

Cooking up a fork.

Finally used my vinamould mould with beeswax. I haven’t had a wax induction yet so the making of this took place in the kitchen. I like the quality of the wax. Next I am going to soften the wax in hot water to manipulate the shape, I need to trim the edges first though.

Getting hot and sticky.



Open access workshop using Vinamould, it works a bit like silicone. Here I have taken a mould of a fork which I plan to use to create multiple wax forks that can be bent and twisted. It fits in with my 3D design brief in which I plan to use mundane objects that I will manipulate using Rhino. It will be printed out using a makerbot and finished by hand. I’m currently developing my ideas for the project to be presented this Friday.