Bending Forms.




Creating curved wood formations. I am experimenting with construction veneer to create circular and semi circular forms.

The process involves using two sheets of wood with wood glue between the two layers. the piece is either fastened around a form, like the first image above, or it can be pressed using a form, like the lower image. I am yet to test the second method, but I feel that it will be more successful than my previous attempts.

The larger piece in the first image has bamboo veneer laid over the top, as this will allow light to pass through the laser cut holes and a pattern using a lighting source behind.

The smaller two pieces have been laser cut using a “living hinge” concept that allows wood to become more malleable. I feel that the use of glue here has made the wood less bendable than before it was glued, the wood feels more fragile when held.

Getting impatient.

25561028-054233 pm.jpg

25561028-054253 pm.jpg

25561028-054306 pm.jpg

25561028-054340 pm.jpg

Raw light box.

25561022-103833 am.jpg

25561022-103900 am.jpg

The raw. Some development of my initial idea. I have been experimenting with materials for the outside of the light box, I am planning to use wood veneer. It has a good translucency when light is put behind it.

The bronze bulb I am putting on top of box is on it’s way! I’m still going through the process of creating the shell using wax bulbs on a kind of tree contraption that is dipped in liquid and has a grainy almost dust poured over.

More finished pictures will be arriving soon.