Moving away from textiles.





I have attempted to further the work I have done with fabric dyes and my original pattern by introducing cardboard and wood veneer. The colours don’t stand out as much which I quite like as it makes the work more subtle. Although I have enjoyed the experimentation with colour and materials I feel I need to further develop the laser cut concept as it is more related to my own practice.


Furthering My Design.




Some of the results of another textiles workshop. I have taken the card laser cut pieces and used them as stencils with fabric dyes and a heat press. I have chosen to experiment with colours similar to the ones I used on the original design. Using the heat press is a fast way of working and producing sample pieces, but I feel it is limiting my work to purely be textiles based.

Fabric Experiments.




This is the first thing I have created. The fabric sample uses paints on bondaweb that have been cut into a repeat shape to create the pattern and fixed using the heat of an iron. I have digitalised the pattern by scanning it and playing with it using Corel Draw before cutting out some cardboard pieces to experiment with.

Just hanging about.


Holding devices for ceramic lighting. I have changed my mind about the way I want to hang my work. I feel that the wire structures were too intrusive. The hard, dark metal took away from the pure white, smooth objects. I have decided to use invisible thread which I am weaving to create little nets to hold the lighting in place. I feel they appear more mysterious now as you cannot exactly see how they are hung.

Three is a crowd.


Finally out of the kiln. The works with a paper base have come out beautifully, I have no cracks in them which I am really happy about and they are just as fragile and delicate as the originals. Now, I need to do further glazing tests. The pieces created on embroidered thread are really interesting. Unfortunately they did crack whilst drying so are not as strong as the other pieces. The textures on the inside and out are wonderful, but I am developing objects that have a smooth appearance and are whole, so they do not have negative space within the surface. The problem with the embroidery is that they were too heavy whilst drying – also not enough clay was absorbed fast enough so they did not become leather hard quick enough. I am planning to make multiple artefacts to display as an instillation using light.  Tomorrow I will begin my adventures in porcelain.

Machine embroidered ceramics.


Machine embroidery dipped in slip. After a stitch workshop using “dissolvable” materials and embroidery as a three dimensional object I have chosen to wrap them around balloons and do what I do to all artefacts created at the moment – cover it in slip clay. These experiments were a lot heavier when drying because of the fabric, and they took a lot longer to become “leather hard.” I do not think this method of working will be as successful as using the paper as they began to crack before they dried. The outcome of these and the previous three created will be realised on Monday when I am able to retrieve them from the kiln.

Hand weaving time.


Hand woven cassette tape and string on a loom I put together during A Levels. I used spray fixative to make the material a lot more sturdy because it is too flismy. This material has a sticky consistency after being sprayed so can be sculpted and moulded around objects.

Stitch a lovely day.


Stitch room open workshop. Went for a cheeky trip to Llandaff campus for a basic induction so we can use their machines and equipment anytime the workshops open. Already got my eye on the needle felting machines.