Glass workshop.



Glass workshop. A quick peek at what I have been spending my Mondays doing. I will be casting glass in this plaster piece I have made that reflects my interest and investigation into light as an object. Soon, the glass in the cup will be heated and will melt to fill the mould I have made. I have chosen to use amber colored glass as this will give a glow to the finished piece. In other workshops I am looking at the use of light as a medium and artifacts that glow or reflect light are becoming realised.


Cooking up a fork.

Finally used my vinamould mould with beeswax. I haven’t had a wax induction yet so the making of this took place in the kitchen. I like the quality of the wax. Next I am going to soften the wax in hot water to manipulate the shape, I need to trim the edges first though.

A second original.


Finally got the chance to use my mould after a week of it drying. We used slip clay that is made by the technicians, as this is the easiest and most productive way to create work. The slip is poured into the mould and left for 20 minutes to form a “skin.” Because the mould is so small I let the clay dry soild instead of tipping out excess slip. The mould took an hour to dry. Once set I cut away the joining lines that are left by the mould and used a damp sponge to improve the finish. It will be fired in the next few days.