No longer waiting to pour.



We poured bronze!! Such an intense process, but we made it. The bronze took about an hour and a half to melt down, then it was a time challenge to pour the bronze with speed and accuracy. It needs to be done quickly to force the air from the shell moulds to prevent any air bubbles from creating imperfections. I was in charge of aiming the bronze whilst another student poured. It all happened so fast and was so hot. Definitely worth the wait. Next I need to cut apart the bronze and begin to polish it.

Still bronze casting.

25561025-015518 pm.jpg

25561025-015539 pm.jpg

25561025-015546 pm.jpg

Bronze casting workshop. Yesterday we burnt out the wax in the shell casts. It’s quite a simple process when you get your head around it, just takes some patience too. Soon to be casting in these.