Cables and Fittings.


I have spent a lot of time choosing the colours for the fabric flex cabling and deciding what style of bayonet fittings to use. I have decided that for the light fittings I want to use metal bayonet fittings, but these need to be matched to the gilding in the boxes.

For the grey boxes I have chosen to use the anthracite and white zig zag cord along with silver gilding and nickel bayonet fittings. This is because I want to keep a more monochrome feel to this piece, as it has a timeless feel to it.

For the green I chose to use the burgundy, red and white mixed thread cable alongside copper gilding and antiqued brass bayonet fittings. I chose this style of thread, rather than sold colour as I feel it may have been too strong alongside the other cables, and it was a nylon material, rather than a linen like the other colours. The bayonet fitting style was chosen as a shiny brass would not look right against the copper, as it would be too much of a different metal.

For the natural MDF wood I wanted to go with natural colours, so I chose to use a natural coloured flex that is off white. This goes well with the gold gilding and shiny brass bayonet fittings.


I have chosen the cabin for their texture, as it gives continuity between the different designs. The use of the same style of bayonet fittings in different metals and finishes also continues the continuity.


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