Changing the box light.




The original box light has undertaken some drastic changes. I have changed the size of the piece I am working on to firstly get a working model before scaling the design up. I have altered the design to merge the front into the top (or side) of the box. The issues with this design is that i have not made the front longer and so it does not meet the bottom of the box, this could only be realised through cutting the object. The next steps for this object is to begin to work in a thicker material, like 6mm MDF or 8mm Valchromat and to make the box a little larger and deeper to allow it to hold a large bulb. I also need to add a cut for the bulb holder to be placed into the box.


I am hoping to use elasticated toggles to add control to the box, this will be further developed once a longer front section has been cut in a thicket material.


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