Developing the self supporting hinges.





I have built a light box to experiment with the living hinges that support one another and light.

There are a few issues with this design, firstly the material is too flexible, the hinges have been cut too large for the thickness of the material and I feel that the overall size of this is too large. The design needs to be shorter in length as it does not have enough stability.

For this design I have used perspex at a distance from the wood, I feel this needs to be closer to add support to the material when it is standing. I have used the waste material from the hinge in the perspex, so that the pieces line up. I plan to cut this in a thicker material and for this waste to be put into perspex that is thinner. The overhang of this material will add support to the hinge when it is laid flat to the box as it will interlock, it will also allow less light to be seen.

The lighting I plan to use within this box would be a strip of LEDs or a tube bulb as it is more eco friendly and generates less heat than florescent or halogen bulbs.


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