In search of the perfect object.

As a summer project I have been asked to discover the perfect object and consider its function, the materials used, its craftsmanship and my connections with the artefact.






I decided to begin where I left off at the end of last year by looking at lighting concepts from the 20th century up to the present day. I find these artefacts intriguing, but they are lacking in unconventionality.Each has interesting features, such as the light at the top, which can be altered with movement, this kinetic feature is of interest. Also, the light underneath this one which moves in a similar way to an angle poise, but through using a ball and joint mechanism as opposed to using the springs and pulleys.

This light has more novelty value than the others, and I think this is why I am more drawn to it.

IMG_1834This is the Bibibibi Lamp by German designer Ingo Maurer in 1982. It has been created using porcelain, metal and plastic; three materials which I use myself, which is where the interest stems. The mismatch of materials, the cheap and the more desirable is something I want to further explore. Also the whimsical, this light seems like it may walk off at any moment, thirty years ago when this light was more of a comment about the seriousness of design. But now an artefact like this could become so much more, it could be an interactive; it could become an artefacts that could be told where to produce light.

I think an object like this has potential, and so I’m going to “shortlist” it for my research.


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