Lights at Boys Village.



two house light2-1


I have edited the pictures to look quite eerie, as if the lights are almost hovering over the background, I decided to keep them as a warm glowing colour like a domestic bulb because of the domestic setting I have chosen. The village may be abandoned and forgotten, but for seventy years each summer the sons of coal miners in the valleys called this holiday village home. In a similar sense the work I have created works to the theme of abandonment as all of the parts I acquired from second hand shops and Splott Market.


I have worked with found objects and other components to create these, which is a new way of working for me. At times I have found it hard as they have their own form which I have had to follow and even make changes to my original design to accommodate for their shape and size. The lights are still versatile, which is something that has been important from the beginning. They can be hung or placed almost anywhere from a variety of angles, as I have illustrated with other pictures I have featured.


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