The “raw” aspect of my “Raw and Readymade” project has been realised.


I am really pleased with the finish I have achieved, as the finish of objects is usually my downfall. With this piece I have spent so much time perfecting the edges of the box and even cleaning up the bronze cast bulb.

When switched off the light simply looks like a bronze cast on a wooden plinth, which has connotations to artefacts found in a gallery environment. The novelty value of this laser cut box, the light that appears to become the base makes it appear to be more of a low art piece, one that can be bought for a fair price and placed on someones mantlepiece.

It is this contrast in the piece that is important to my values as an artist.  The line between “high art” and “low art”is something that is not usually challenged, as art will fit into either of the categories to become a successful piece. I have created a piece of work that fits into neither and both, all at the same time. This leads to the notion of the piece of work not having a context, which for some will be true and something easy to accept.

However, for me this fits into the Avant-Garde as it is challenging our perception of what “high art” and “low art” are. Duchamp’s fountain is a prominent example of this, the “readymade” artefact was placed into a gallery environment, where it did not belong. At the time it was not accepted as an art object, which projected the idea of the Avant-Garde. Once the artefact became accepted into the art world the context of the piece was lost as a compromise had been reached. This piece speaks of the moment where an artefact is accepted into either a “high art” or “low art” environment and it’s context is suddenly lost. The work is devalued by its acceptance.


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