Creating the first light.






The first step was to put the light bulb holder into the  spring, I decided this was something I wanted to do after playing with the form of the lights. I have chosen not to pursue my original idea, because the form of the light was not working as an art piece, it was simply too bulky and messy when all the components were put together. I still want to incorporate the springs into the light because I think they add interest around the bulb, and the form of the spring is something that interests me. Choosing how to fit the spring bulb holder into the light was relatively easy, it depended how it fit better into the inner shade of the light.

Deciding where to cut the inner shade took a lot of commitment too, as I had to be sure of what I was creating before the first cut. I also had to remember where the pieces would join again. Although I am creating something quite figurative I am also working in quite a precise manner, which is a change from the beginnings of this artefact where it was all about playing around with the forms and simply doing what looked “good” and what didn’t work for the piece.


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