PDP/Reflections on Constellation.

After the first term, constellation changed and we were asked to start thinking about themes and topics to study for dissertations and also the type of dissertation to be completed. Currently, I am hoping to complete the artefact and text style, as I believe that the topics I am now looking at relate to my practice.


Deciding on a topic to start to research for my dissertation was a long process. I began with the idea of looking into the commercialisation of art and the crossover into design. The influence of this was the Field module I was taking part in at the time, “Limited Edition.” Previous interests from my art foundation in Pop Art and collections and multiples of artefacts resurfaced and I was able to build on these. Being a part of the Maker course means that you are often asked to define yourself and your practice, this is something that has also influenced further research and the idea I am currently exploring. Whether the way that you define yourself as an artist limits your potential or adds value to your work is something of interest to me. In this context I am learning more about the avant-garde and historical references leading to a social change in the art community and why it is separate from everyday society.


This year has enabled me to realise how my practice can influence my interests in theory, as the option I chose last year for constellation didn’t really inform my practice and became something I struggled to relate to. It has allowed me to revisit some of my earlier works before I began my degree and the influences I explored. These are now very relevant to the work I am producing.


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