Experiments with laser cutting.




I have gone back to the original digital version of my pattern to experiment in other materials. With the influence of the mashrabiyas I have started to create my own panels that represent this concept. I have chosen to work with wood and perspex, cutting out the shapes I have created and filling in the holes with the off cuts of the other material. I think these work well as a pair, as they fit together well. The only downside really is the difference in material thickness: the perspex is thicker than the wood. The perspex with wood is interesting with the different thickness as the perspex is thicker with the smaller wooden pieces slotted in. It also reverses the function of the mashrabiyas which I think is interesting. It creates a statement about the need to hide or conceal. The wood with perspex is more of an imitation of what I have seen in Morocco, so I feel this is not effective as a piece of work with a meaning or statement attached.


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