PDP/ Reflections on Constellation Term One.

At the beginning of the year I chose Theo’s option, which looked at the idea of humour in art and design. I chose this because some of the works I create are unusual and are different to what they may first appear. I enjoy making works that surprise or delight the onlooker. Starting with the basics of what makes things funny was interesting. I decided towards the end of the module that my work isn’t necessarily about making people laugh, it is more about the ability to do something unexpected. I enjoy making interactive pieces, so looking at product design examples was helpful.


The presentation I created at the end of the module was on the topic of the theory we had explored and how it relates to my practice. I chose to analyse a project I did in the first year. The brief was “Cabinet of Curiosities;” I chose to create a collection of forks using as many different processes and materials as I could manage. The end piece meant I had a drawer, a part of a cabinet; that looked at the usability of the works I had created. There was also a short set of videos to accompany the works. I believe the works created an unexpected experience. This relates to the theory I had been looking at relating the incongruity theory of humour and the interactivity in my work.


I found this module interesting, yet it turned out to carry little relevance to my work since the first term, as I have not used any of the theory in other parts of my work. I have been more focused on the interactivity and creating things that can change in different environments. I also seem to be more concerned with the status of my practice and where it fits; it is not design yet not wholly art. I have been making pieces to express these tensions, such as the bronze cast and laser cut wooden light box.


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