Medals and icons.

New brief. Currently working on a project for the British Museum and BAMS. The outline is to create a medal, so it must be able to be held in the palm. The theme I am working to is the icon and iconoclast. It’s taken me a while to get inspired, and finally I am excited. I’ve delved into my childhood of visiting Castell Henllys, an Iron Age fort not far from my home in Pembrokeshire. Having my face painted and being told I am the goddess of fire has had a lasting impact on me it seems. I’ve had an interest in their polytheistic religion since visiting and this was again brought up in high school when I watched Hedd Wyn, a welsh hero of the First World War. Arianrhod, a goddess of the moon, love, lust and fertility is revealed in this film as an apparition and inspiration to the main character.

I’m going to use this lost mythology as inspiration for my medal. Apparitions, the moon and deitys are all mysterious wonders that I want to know more about.


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