When in Rome.

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Trip to Maker Faire Rome, 3rd and 4th of October 2013. This was a really valuable and interesting experience as we got to meet makers that are self taught and enthusiastic. One of the greatest things is that everything they do is open source, so, completely accessible – all you need is a basic knowledge of Arduino, 3D printing and the many other technologies and some of the possibilities.


WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) http://www.wasproject.it/ are an Italian based initiative that uses innovative technology with the hope of “saving the world.” Their ideas include 3D printing housing for those in third world countries as well as the idea of making shoes available for everyone.

Other makers of interest displaying works include London based Bare Conductive http://www.bareconductive.com/. The conductive ink they produce has endless possibilities.

Ateliers Recyclab is another initiative that reinvent old and damaged furniture in a sort of upcylcing way. http://www.http://faubourg132.fr

Make Tank were also there. They are an organisation type thing that is there to assist makers realise their projects and allow them to become products. http://www.maketank.it

Almost every maker we spoke to was planning to use Kickstarter to fund their projects and ideas. It has almost become a platform for new technologies to gain world wide recognition.

The faire was interesting,  although I am not totally teched up in my own work, I did appreciate seeing the endless possibilities that can bring my projects to life.


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